Kyoto through the lens

I hardly remember traversing Kyoto in 2007. The only memories that arise in a moment of deep contemplation are steaming bowls of noodles, Hi-Chew candies, and stalking geishas. Seven years later, I realize I was actually just stalking other tourists who paid to wear kimonos for the day. It's pretty standard here to play dress-up in the old capital.

On this second time around, I was far more present, graciously taking in the nuggets of culture and classic sightings only Kyoto can dish out.

Lindsay and a geisha in Kyoto, Japan

Lindsay and a geisha in Kyoto, Japan

TGS enters the bamboo forest (Kyoto, Japan)
Guillermo photographs peace at a Zen Buddhist shrine (Kyoto, Japan)
A Meiko-san beats Paul at a game (Kyoto, Japan)

I wasn't a part of the planning process for Kyoto, so every day presented new information and surprising activities I gulped up. The highlights included walking through a bamboo forest, watching chunky snowflakes coat the city, and our tea ceremony with a maiko, a geiko (or geisha) in training. I rolled my own sushi for the first time, which was a bucket list item, and I finally visited the orange gates captured in Memoirs of a Geisha.

Above all, Kyoto was eye and mind candy; yet another trip that sparked great thought and afforded lovely photographs at this crazy place.

What are your favorite sights and sites in Kyoto?