A patchwork quilt of my days in Japan

For the last two years, I've used these little collages as a way to quickly chronicle a chapter of my work life. While this says "Hiro" (a.k.a Hiroshima) and some of the images are from elsewhere in Japan, this represents some of my favorite moments throughout this term, the ones I continue to savor even months later.

After two years of aging and squaring off iPhone images for my immediate friends only, I decided this summer to make my account public. I've kept that venue private in order to better define my lines between personal life and work life – in essence keeping a morsel of my output away from immediate reach of my students.

I have since realized the value of the app in our TGS community as well as the fact that my style of content doesn't merit guarding. There's a lot of fun still to be had with sharing and tagging images on this platform, and I don't want that boundary there anymore between myself and my students.

Please join me in gramming the world :)