Golf cart cruising like a country club boss

This is what I do with my time off.

While in Miami on official TGS business, I joined my friend Nick on a road trip to visit his grandmother in Boca Raton. We felt like doing something adventurous on our weekend off, and when a spontaneous trip to Cuba didn't pan out (due to their visa restrictions, not ours), I decided to tag along for his mini-family reunion.

The point of the trip wasn't to craft a story or film anything; we were there to visit a lovely woman and enjoy some peace and quiet pre-Costa Rica. However, when we embarked on an exploration of the neighborhood in a retro golf cart, the inspiration flowed. What resulted was something we labeled "golf cart funk"–really just some POV-style, silly moments strung together with a retro flavor much like a title sequence. And I love me some title sequences.