FAQs from study abroaders

Semester at Sea is going to be way out of my comfort zone; do you recommend finding a friend or just going alone?

If you're nervous, don't worry. It will be "within" your comfort zone in a hot minute. I went alone and immediately met lifelong friends the first day! If you don't feel comfortable booking travel in the ports alone, definitely go for the SAS field programs. More on this...

Is their a good floor to be on and does the inside/outside room make a difference?

I liked Deck 2 in the back because it was less rocky, but socially it made little to no difference. I don't even think you can choose where you want on the ship aside from inside or out. I got an outside room and loved it. More on this...

How many classes did you take on Semester at Sea, and did it put you behind in your studies when you got back to university?

I knew I was going on SAS a few years prior, planned my credits in advance, and worked to get my SAS credits counted at my home university. Some schools make it easier than others, and if your school doesn't make it easy, ask them straight up what you need to prove when you get back, and bring that proof of learning! More on this...

FAQs from travelers

Help me out with budget travel! How do you fund your travels?

In 2008, I funded my Big Journey by selling my car and not being in debt from university, which was the result of babysitting since I was 12 and investing my savings since I could breathe. My parents helped me plan and save throughout my life for the big purchases, and it was only because of this foundation that I had the knowledge and freedom to spend my savings on travel. I'm "frugal to a fault," which makes my advice a little skewed, because it assumes you save compulsively like I do.

How do you handle money on the road?

I use a debit card to take out cash from ATMs abroad and accept the fees for convenience. There are some good credit cards that don't charge international transaction fees, which you should look into. More on this...

How do you make it back in one piece if I want to travel solo as a woman?

You're awesome. You should do it. Chances are you're probably hoping to go somewhere completely safe for travelers and women, so I say go for it. More on this...

I'm going [here]...how was it?

Start by searching this site for the country you're going to. Simply replace the word "Fiji" in the following link with the country you're curious about:


What are some of your favorite experiences around the world?

I have a bucket list just for you.

Would you be interested in listing our travel promotion on your blog?

I'm not currently interested in promotional content, but if you write me, I will file your information to contact at a later date if I change my mind.

Would you like to do a link exchange?

My link page is in shambles. Try again later :-/