World Traveler Intern

STA Travel wanted someone out there encouraging students and youth to travel the world and live out our years shunning drab experiences, poo-pooing the typical hum-drum, and embracing the worldly, colorful, ridiculous, vivacious moments of zesty life. Well, alright!

Alongside Us: VideosAlongside Us

Follow alongside the internship by checking out the videos I made for STA. With every destination and new experience, a video came to be that documented the amazing moments, all in an attempt to engage the viewing audience and compel them to travel. I loved slaving away on the laptop to make these. Well worth all the finessing. I never knew how much I loved production until now.

Applying for the Best Job in the WorldApplying

It took months of work and relentless dedication to get to the point of hire, also thanks to the help of many key people. I recommend any and everyone who loves the gritty world and expressing its beauty to try for this thing. Your passion must be all-consuming. Your skills must be bangin’. Some amazing people go for this bad boy, and believe me, there is no “catch”. It’s free travel where you make the world look appealing, and though it’s not all that hard to make Planet Earth attractive, it takes a very determined and strong person to do this job.

In The Bag: World Traveler Internship Packing ListIn the Bag

Take a look at what I packed for this ultra-flashpacking RTW trip. I carried far more than I usually do, or even like to, but I didn’t dare leave behind anything that could potentially enhance the trip. It’s really too bad though that I couldn’t keep up that training schedule. Darn. Compare with the Big Journey packing list and see the differences between this trip and my seven-month RTW solo trip.

Photographs from the World Traveler InternshipPhotographs

It was far too easy to take amazing photos of the World this summer, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I anticipated spending much more time on photography in order to get website-worthy shots. I credit a good camera, the good trips, and the fervency the job musters. More photos will be included to the slideshow as time goes by, so check back frequently!

The RouteThe Itinerary

Where did we go? How did we experience that place? Wait, how many countries and continents are on the itinerary? Whoa, mama, you’ll say…that’s quite a trip. Find here a breakdown of where we were every day throughout the 79-day journey. Also, visualize the trip with these amazing photos from skilled guys on Flickr and find out what the trip actually entailed by clicking on The Route.

Without Them, Nothing: Thank yousWithout Them, Nothing

There were a lot of people who amazed me with their dedication to seeing me win this thing. Best friends got kicked of Facebook for appearing like spam posting my video everywhere. Strangers became friends and created fan groups in favor of me. Those travel bloggers I know and admire expressed their interest and support for a fellow (albeit amateur) travel blogger. It was a trying but thrilling time, and I really needed all the people around that were there.

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