Some kind words about Nomadderwhere

Lindsay was my very first travel inspiration. She’s studied abroad and at sea, and I started following her when she was chosen as an STA World Traveler Intern...She just proves to me that, if you work hard enough, anything is possible.
— Amanda Williams of @DangerousBiz
I just wanted to let you know you really have been creative, inspiring, and helpful on your website. I just found out this afternoon I received a scholarship to move to Bangladesh to do research on sex trafficking for 10 months, and - as excited as I am and even though I choose that place over 190 other countries - Bangladesh scares the shit out of me. I consider myself a traveler, but I’ve never done it alone. Reading your blog and clicking on links you’ve provided has truly been refreshing and helping me find more courage in myself to take this huge step in my traveling activist career. I’ve already bought two books that you suggested! You have helped at least one person travel better.
— Amanda Ferrandino, Fulbright scholar and activist
While many sites are travel-related and great resources when you want travel information, you put so much of yourself into it that people will come back because they are genuinely interested in how your life is playing out, not just where you have been and what you would recommend. I really admire that about you.
— Annie Leroux, international event producer and travel writer
Lindsay’s videos are legit.
— David, former student