Bucket. Life. Whatever you want to call it.


I love lists.

More importantly, I love using paper to pen-scribble in a way that makes me feel productive and successful. I've tried to make a "Bucket List" many times and have a small one I refer to on occasion. However, it is in no way extensive and truly reflective of my life goals. I do very much believe in the first item on the list (1. Hitchhike in the back of a rickety truck with chickens, goats, or other nervous livestock).

Upon reading this article, I decided I may attempt to grapple this task and see if it feels like the right task for me. If I get annoyed with the concept and scrap my developments in anger and frustration, you'll know by the lack of posting on such a topic in the future.

As I begin my soul-tapping exercise, I dare you to make one yourself...or if you cannot commit to such a high level of responsibility, leave a comment documenting one of the possibilities on your non-existent list. If you are having trouble getting started, a few people have published their life goals for your ridicule, admiration, or klepto-tendencies: Mighty Girl, John Goddard, or the Whole Darn Community.