10 things you discover about Fiji in the first hour

Bonafide Fijian

10. It's all about finding the right immigration officer. I got a four month visa while Chris got approved for only 14 days.

9. Bula + strong handshakes = greetings from Fijian men; Bula + big smiles + kisses on the cheek = greetings from the Fijian ladies

8. It's completely acceptable to wander through the airport without shoes...and pretty much all public places.

7. Yearly cyclones make disintegrating vehicles into lawn ornaments. They pay for the beauty of the islands with the constant recovery of their homes and stuff.

6. Massive piles of sugar cane chips smell quite pungent, like rotten fruit, in an early morning drive-by.

5. "Fiji bread," made from cassava and coconut juice, is delicious. Always say yes to what the cook offers you.

4. Everybody needs a sulu, a skirt/sarong item to be worn in village and for kava ceremonies. They can be purchased for a couple dollars at your local Fijian corner store, and they usually advertise some resort you're too cheap to stay in.

3. Vinaka means "Thank you". Just remember Binaca with a V.

2. People all around the world enjoy thrift store shopping and then going out on the town in $2 bow-ties. It's not just Chris.

1. It used to be punishable by death to touch someone's head. The consequences are a little less extreme today, but the rule still applies.