At the office: Days 12/13

At the office

At the office

And then the real work began. After over a week of so many people catering to our needs of creating stories and footage, we had to hunker down in our hotel room and make some game plans for production. It was sad how long it took us to learn that we had a Fijian power adapter and could charge all our hardware. And once we learned the ropes, we were off.

The next day, we said our goodbyes and thank you’s to the Madventure clan and piled our bags into a taxi, blazing the trail to Nadi, where we would catch a flight the next morning. Our hostel turned office blasted the techno and rap music until the wee hours while we pulsed to the music, buds in ears, working feverishly on making content.

Office time came to a close, and we boarded a very large plane (on the top deck, might I add) to Sydney, Australia. We were both truly sad to see Fiji go, as the country made a solid impact on us. The view from above made me long to be on the land again, but this job has no room for spontaneous plan changes and sentimentality. It’s a go-go-go lifestyle to see the big, big world.

But we know we’re going back some day, and it will be up to the Highlands for us. Oh, sure there may be a beach squeezed in there somewhere to rid us of these nasty farmer’s tans, but Fiji really spoiled us from the get-go. We now know the feeling of being completely connected to the destination and have a high meter stick with which to measure the rest of our adventures.

But I think Australia won’t have trouble measuring up.