Why I’m coming back to Fiji

What kind of question is that? You’d think everyone would die for the chance to go/return to a paradisiacal island in the South Pacific. But with so many wonderful places on earth to visit, enjoy, and love, why spend your money on a trip you’ve already done? It’s easy. It’s the people.

Yes, people are wonderful all over the world, and we often forget how helpful and open those we meet in transit can be. But there’s something about the Fijian mindset and attitude that makes your heart long to weave fern mats for your home on stilts and play a muddy game of rugby with your village mates during a golden sunset.

Things to love about the Fiji Lifestyle

1. The emphasis on resting. Upon finishing your meals, tea, or any sort of activity, it’s incredibly acceptable to lie down for a peaceful nap as the mountain breeze wafts in. The lady of the house always seems to know when you’re a little sleepy and will toss you a much-appreciated pillow.

2. The pure fresh water. One bout of giardia will make you truly appreciate natural, healthy water anywhere. Plus, the bottled goodness that costs $5 per liter in U.S. airports flows for free in the hills.

3. The acceptance of going shoeless. Though my feet are quite sensitive to little pebbles and such, I have a drive to scrap shoes altogether. This is the place to do it.

4. Fiji time. Basically the absence of punctuality.

5. The willingness to help and love everyone. Neighbors = friends = lifelong fellow villagers = school mates = kava drinking buddies, etc. Everyone has your back, and you’ve got theirs.

Five items. That just skims the surface.

Fiji is the way the world should be.