The Moment of Truth: Day 1

Look at Me Leaving! Honest!

From my spot in seat 12D on that much-awaited flight out, I took a bird's-eye-view of Indianapolis and said "sayonara"; I was heading off to be part of the COOLEST INTERNSHIP ON THE PLANET! Pumped. I was so pumped to be traveling again, especially towards an opportunity that could open up mounds of possibilities down the road! Pumped to now travel with a like-minded buddy I'd never met. So utterly pumped was I that I began sweating to the point of being THAT airplane passenger. Ya know...the one that smells like peanuts and armpit.

Upon descending into Dallas and viewing the ever expansive city, I actually had to grab the vomit bag in the seat pocket in front of me. My anticipation of meeting the marketing team and, of course, my travel buddy was causing me incredible bouts of nausea...the good kind. Don't worry, I didn't use the bag. I'm a champ.

Hanging out beside the baggage claim, hat tilted back, bags dangling from his wandering frame, there was Chris, my travel pal. We pulled a "cheesy movie" moment and ran to each other in slow motion, embracing at the meeting point with a much awaited "Yeah boy! Finally! We're doin this!"

And thus began our evening with the marketing team of STA. They hooked us up with a swanky hotel (knowing we weren't going to have it that posh for a while) and took us out for glorious Mexican food. The conversations blossomed like the queso disappeared: instantly. The enthusiasm was palpable, and I went to bed that night a happy woman (watching Family Matters wrapped in a down comforter dressed with a smile).

Day One for Chris and I: one for long-awaited fulfillment.