Why I Moved to New York City

[This post was written in the clouds between IND and LGA.]

Composing somewhere around 30,000 feet, I'm completely immersed in the inevitable pool of realization. After a childhood in rural Indiana, an academic pilgrimage throughout the state, and 50 countries of exploration later, I'm finally settling on my first independent living situation.

I chose out of a sea of laudable contenders a city that for years seemed too self-praising for my tastes. I've never encountered anyone who feels as conflicted about New York City's energy as me, but emerging from the self-made pit of doubt and prejudice, I came to the exciting conclusion that this massive metropolis is where I'm supposed to be. It's safe to say I no longer roll my eyes at the "cool girl" city in the classroom of America.

Why Move? NYC Kitchen

Why Move? NYC Kitchen

As I tend to reiterate, I've been living in my parents' basement since graduation. It hasn't been worth the money to invest in my own living situation, seeing as I've been "at home" only 49% of the time since May 3rd, 2008. That still being the case, and maybe even more so if work continues to expand and develop, I believe I'm missing out on an opportunity to feel a sense of personal ownership and structure.

There's also no way that being in Indianapolis right now would be conducive, let alone acceptable, for the way work is progressing with ProjectExplorer.org. We're seeing projects pile up in front of us - Asian destinations, multi-country itineraries, awards, interviews, and incredible collaborations. It just wasn't worth the energy to develop that teleportation device anymore.

Why New York City?

Why New York City?

Though this list may be outdated immediately, here's my personal list of why New York City now claims me as a resident.

  • Cheap international flights

  • HQ of ProjectExplorer.org

  • A market for multimedia and creativity

  • Great food and diversity

  • Casual social events like trivia, book club, etc.

  • Young professionals readily available for befriending

  • Chances for reinvention and daily discovery

  • This is where people are (period)

If you're in the New York City area, send a message or comment. I'm open to new experiences, new connections, and understanding this city on many levels. As I've already discovered prior to moving, this is no place for singular perspectives. This is one complex city with as many faces as a wave has ripples. And now, I'm a part of it.